After 22 years of practice, I have seen almost every type of car accident that you could imagine, and some that I wish I could forget.  There is rarely a case that I have not come across before. Applying the correct type of therapy, making the correct referrals, and documenting the accident correctly is paramount to your recovery in terms of your health, and insurance settlement. Thousands of people experience debilitating pain from automobile accidents each year in Florida, but they do not need to suffer.  

 Our experience is unparalleled.    We offer state of the art treatment, all of which is personally performed by Dr. Alan Himmel.  Most people don't realize that it is necessary to begin chiropractic treatment as soon as possible after an accident if you experience ANY neck pain, back painheadaches, or have symptoms that seem to affect your arms and legs (radiculopathy or sciatica).   The laws in Florida have changed and now it says that you have only 14 days to initiate treatment if you have been injured in any type of car accident.  This alone is an emergency.  Call and make an appointment now.  954-659-8600 or 305-979-5549


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Let's say you are like most people and you have no transportation, work late, have kids at home, etc.  For these reasons sometimes you cannot always make it to the office for treatment. Since being compliant with treatment is critical to the success of the care, I have no problem putting patients on a home visit/housecall schedule.  For me to set up a home visit schedule is nothing.  In fact, often times, I am on the road more than I am in the office.  It works out great for patients who have a difficult time coming into the office since car accidents usually cause transportation problems and painful conditions that make it difficult for them to move.  This is a service that I offer to my patients, and many times, it works out better for them.  Most patients really appreciate it.  Call us right away.  954-659-8600.

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Your Florida PIP Insurance benefits may expire. Its an emergency that you see a doctor right away!



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Governor Scott, in conjunction with the Florida Legislature, have changed the Florida No-Fault rules!  The way the new rule is written, YOU ONLY HAVE 14 days to start treatment, when you are injured in any kind of car accident.  After the 14 days have passed, car insurance will no longer be responsible for your injuries.  What this means is that if you are hurt or injured in any type of car accident (including pedestrian), your medical expenses will have to come out of your own pocket. Don't delay.  Call Dr. Himmel at 954-659-8600 or 305-979-5549 to start treatment and save your insurance before the 2 week deadline.

This is one of the most unfriendly consumer laws to ever be passed in Florida.  Please don't delay.